Prospects and Options for the Transformation of the Caribbean in the 21st Century
St. Kitts, May 31-June 5, 2004

As the Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) returns to Basseterre for its 29th annual conference, we take this opportunity to say that “Sugar City” is an appropriate venue for discussion on the theme “Prospects and Options for the Transformation of the Caribbean in the 21st Century”. Currently, many of our territories are facing some serious challenges for which we are searching for solutions. Last year the OECS Authority designated the period up to 2007 as a time for adjustment and stimulation that will lead to transformation of our territories. We therefore look forward to the contributions that the CSA can make to this discourse. The Conference promises to be balanced with both academic discourse and social interaction.

Given the tremendous response that we have received in relation to the location of CSA 2004 and from the flyer announcing the Conference, we anticipate a tremendous gathering in Basseterre.

Information from the Program Committee from the end of September updates will be provided on the website at and to the CSA Secretariat twice per month. As we move closer to the date of the conference information will be provided with more frequency.

Caribbean Studies Association (CSA)


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