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Artículos y Ensayos - Autonomía, memoria y violencia en Nicaragua

John Petrus

The Transformative Power of Performance Art in Contemporary Managua

Grinnell College, EE.UU.


This article puts into dialogue Pablo Hernández Hernández and Alberto Guevara’s publications on theater and performance art in Nicaragua with other prominent performance scholars’s work such as Diana Taylor, Joseph Roach, and José Esteban Muñoz in order to contextualize Nicaraguan performance art within broader theories of performance. I connect the concepts of performance as memory and as a site of knowledge production with theories of coloniality of gender and power, allowing for performance interventions to be thought of as dialoging with and resisting coloniality. Finally, through detailed interpretations of contemporary performances by Elyla Sinvergüenza (Fredman Barahona) over the past five years, I show these cultural interventions are working as sites of knowledge production and theoretical dialogue as well as interventions in public memory and public space in order to present alternatives to the hegemonic ways in which gender, sexuality, and memory are considered.

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