The V Congress of the Americas

18 to 21 October 2001, Cholula/Puebla, Mexico


The Congress of the Americas is in its fifth year, hence the title V Congress. We study popular culture in its diverse forms and do not put a barrier on what might be included at the meeting. The more international the perspective the better, but national studies are fine. Politics, music, movies, religion, material culture, cross-border themes are all invited as are anthropological and sociological studies. Nowadays, we are concerned about pedagogy, esp. distance learning and the Internet classroom.

Scholars attending include Ray and Pat Browne, Douglas Noverr, Peter and Susan Rollins, Gary and Nan Edgerton, Bernardo Attias, Joseph A. Stout, Jr., Gary Hoppenstand, John Bratzel, Michael K. Schoenecke, Tony Giffone, Elizabeth Fine, David Sokol, and Ken vorak. Host scholars include Paul Rich and Antonio Lara.

The web site has programs from past congresses and these details should clarify what we do and how we do it. Our Area Chairs are listed there; contact the one who seems best related to your field of interest and work with the Area Chair to find a compatible panel for your presentation. These meetings are friendly, inclusive, and supportive. They take place in an environment which is safe, colorful, and there are many opportunities to enjoy the people, foods, local sites. Tours will be available and there are over 365 churches in the Puebla-Cholula area!

All of the sessions take place on the campus of the Universidad de las Americas (UDLA), a wonderful school which looks like a campus of the California State University system--Long Beach State, for example. The faculty, students, and staff want to make the visitors feel at home, so there will be receptions, musical events, and banquets included in the registration fee of $120.

E-mail inquiries: (Please check website first, especially the Area Chair list.)
Website: will have the Area Chair list.


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