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Latest news on the Antwerp Congress (September 24-26, 2003)

Extension of the deadline: Some new panels will be added to the program: Natural and cultural landscapes; Children's literature; Cultures of the Dutch-speaking area (See web page Therefore, the deadline for registering for the Antwerp conference has been extended until February 28, 2003. If you had registered (or want to register) send 150-word proposals in French, English or Spanish to:

Program: The organizers have already received quite a few abstracts, so that Antwerp promises to be a really productive meeting. The following authors will attend the Conference: Caryl Phillips, Mayra Santos-Febres, Ellen Ombre, Michiel van Kempen, and Marie-Célie Agnant. Maryse Condé and Richard Philcox might also be present (if funding allows it). We will give an update in our forthcoming Newsletter 7, to be expected in August 2003.

A regularly updated website of the Society for Caribbean Research is available at:

Forthcoming events

Colloque Le Monde Caraïbe: Défis et Dynamiques (3-7 juin 2003): This colloquium is organized by the equipe "Caraïbe plurielle", under the direction of Christian Lerat, at the Université de Bordeaux III. You will find the program on the web site of the equipe:

The Caribbean Unbound – Franklin College Conference on Caribbean Literature and Culture: Keynote speaker: Antonio Beníez-Rojo, author of The Repeating Island and A View from the Mangrove. Possible panel topics: Maryse Condé/ Edwidge Danticat/comparative Caribbean literature by women/anglophone Caribbean fiction/Caribbean religion in literature/U.S. artistic representations of Haiti/the pre-Columbian Caribbean/the representation of the Orient in Caribbean fiction/Caribbean music Caribbean border law from Guantanamo to asylum law/contemporary Cuba/ anglophone poetry from the Caribbean/Derek Walcott: readings, interpretations and translation/Carpentier, Alexis and the origins of Magical Realism/Glissant/ the work of Antonio Benítez-Rojo. Deadline for proposals: submit panel and/or presentation proposals (with a 1/2 page abstract) by February 1st, 2003. Thursday evening, April 10 - Saturday April 12, 2003. Location: Franklin College Switzerland, Via Ponte Tresa 29, 6924 Sorengo (Lugano), Switzerland, tel: +41 91 985 22 95/6, fax: +41 91 994 41 17. Fees for registration: Swiss Francs 35 (which include the Caribbean dinner prepared by Franklin College students). For further information about academic matters, contact Prof. Robert H. McCormick, Jr. at


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